Day Four

Day Four

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🎁 On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Rockburn sent to me...🎁

🎵  four kinds of Riesling...🎵
🎵  three wines to cellar...🎵
🎵 two types of pink...🎵

🎵 and a mixed wine pack and it's freight free!🎵

Four Kinds of Riesling

Pack includes:

3 x Rockburn Dry Riesling 2019

1 x 'Tigermoth' Riesling 2015

1 x 'Tigermoth' Riesling 2016

1 x 'Tigermoth' Riesling 2017

A Riesling extravaganza!  3 bottles of our delicious, new 2019 Dry Riesling to go with your Christmas seafood and 3 vintages of our acclaimed Tigermoth Riesling; a succulent award winning Spatlese style wine that is a perfect aperitif with a rich duck liver or a winning end to dinner with a mandarin crème brulee.