2019 Devil's Staircase 'Blushing'

2019 Devil's Staircase 'Blushing'

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Inspired by the winding road leading from Queenstown to Kingston along the shores of Lake Wakatipu and solely sourced from Central Otago vineyards, the Devil’s Staircase Blushing takes the willing down into the realm of decadence and Bacchanalian delights. Here, everything is pleasure spiced up with a bit of naughty.

The unrelenting Central Otago environment tortures the vines whose twisted limbs produce a wine worthy of absolution; pale and ethereal, fruity and fresh, sinfully succulent and devilishly good.

Our 'Blushing' is a beautiful example of a Blanc de Noir where "red wine meets white wine”.  Made using 100% Pinot Noir grapes, as if we were making a white wine, the juice is pressed and left in contact with its skins for a mere 2 hours. The result is a delicate Pinot Noir, with a beautiful pale blush hue, in harmony with the clean and refreshing style that a Central Otago white wine would offer. Expect notes of strawberries, white peaches and toffee apple. Pair with fresh seafood, pork and chicken dishes or drink as an aperitif, well chilled on a hot summer's day.

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