Rockburn Tigermoth Riesling*

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Meticulously grown in the stunning Parkburn region of Central Otago. With a lower alcohol of 10%, this exquisite medium-sweet Riesling pays homage to the renowned Spätlese wines of Germany, while showcasing the unique terroir of our cherished Parkburn Vineyard.

Prepare your senses for a harmonious symphony of flavours as the richness of balanced sweetness and the gentle embrace of fine acidity dance upon your palate. Immaculately crafted, this Riesling strikes the perfect equilibrium, showcasing a seamless fusion of indulgent sweetness and crisp vibrancy.

Apricots and mandarin juice dominate the nose of this wine in its youth, and the palate is filled with lively notes of tangerine and lime. The immaculately balanced rich sweetness and fine acidity are brought to completion by a very long and cleansing finish.

Easily enjoyed as an aperitif, or with long lunches, cheese, white meat or delicate seafood dishes, this wine will continue to evolve over the next decade.