Visit our Pop-Up Cellar Door

We’re all set to open our first-ever Pop-Up Cellar Door at the Gibbston Tavern  tomorrow – just in time for the start of summer.

Celebrate the #firstkissofsummer with Stolen Kiss '17

We're releasing our highly anticipated 2017 Stolen Kiss at daylight saving on 24 September 2017, offering the #firstkissofsummer to wine lovers around the country.

Great start to summer for Rockburn, with a hat-trick of golds in Sydney

We have received three gold medals at the prestigious Sydney International Wine Competition 2018. 

Debunking Vegan Wine

We’ve put together a quick Q&A based on the most commonly asked questions from wine drinkers to help debunk vegan wine for you.

Recipe: Loaded Vegan Nachos with Rockburn Pinot Gris

Recipe: Loaded Vegan Nachos with Rockburn Pinot Gris

Devil's Staircase Pinot Gris wins Trophy at Bragato Wine Awards

Our Devils Staircase Pinot Gris 2016 picked up the Brother Cyprian trophy for Champion Pinot Gris at the Bragato Wine Awards in Blenheim.